Elder Care in Bethel Park, Concord, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Wexford, PA

Elder care is a very broad term as it could include less intensive activities such as meal planning and medication reminders to more intensive activities like speech therapy, dementia care, hospice, and more. And these services could take place at home or in a residential facility in Pittsburgh, Wexford, Bethel Park, Philadelphia, Concord, or any of the surrounding areas. Regardless of what sort of elder care services you may need, Independence Care is ready to fill the need with the right professionals who are skilled and adaptive to the individual needs of the clients.

When Is Elder Care Needed?

Elder Care in Bethel Park, Concord, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Wexford, PAYou might be thinking that there is a certain time, or a certain age when elder care needs to happen. The truth is elder care is an individual as the client. In some cases, elder care may never be needed for your elderly loved one, and they will live just fine independently in their later years. But elder care should be looked at when a loved one begins to experience difficulty dealing with daily activities. Some of the activities that might become difficult include dressing, shopping, banking, driving, or a host of other activities that endanger your loved one.

Sometimes the need for elder care comes on quite slowly. They may be dealing with arthritis for years, but it has advanced to the point where they find it difficult to bathe properly. Or they might be having a failing memory or eyesight issues. These can develop slowly over time such that family members don’t think to have discussions for elder care. Other times, the need for elder care happens very quickly, such as if they have a stroke or are recovering from a hospital stay or surgery. Elder care is there to help provide the assistance that you would if you could.

As your loved ones age, it is important to be watchful for certain things when you are with them. By watching for these different things, you will have a better idea if elder care might be worth a conversation. First, be aware of physical problems that might be affecting your loved one. Things like stability, sensory issues (hearing, sight, etc.), as well as how any chronic issues are being handled. You should also check for cognitive issues, including confusion, memory loss, language difficulty, dementia, and more. Finally, it is important to also consider emotional issues in your loved one, such as depression, loneliness, loss of interest in activities, changes in personality, and other changes. Having the assistance of elder care is meant to help enhance their lives, and Independence Care is there in Pittsburgh, Wexford, Bethel Park, Philadelphia, Concord, and the surrounding areas, to make that happen.


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