Consumer Directed Care

What is Consumer Directed Care?

Under Consumer Directed care, also referred to as Participant Directed care, you get to select your own caregiver who you know and trust. This could be a family member (spouses are eligible in certain states) or friend who will get paid to help with your daily needs.

Independence Care will work with you to hire your selected caregiver; we will ensure that he or she is compliant with all state regulations and arrange their pay. You can create a schedule that works for you and feel confident. Get the home care you deserve on your terms!

Independence Care provides the home care that families need to make the right choices in their loved one’s location for aging. We provide the care and safety they need throughout Pittsburgh, PA, Philadelphia, PA, Bethel Park, PA, Concord, NH, Wexford, PA, Naples , Florida, and the surrounding Nationwide areas.

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