Caregivers for Seniors in Bethel Park, Concord, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Wexford, PA

We all know some older people in our lives, and sometimes we may wonder if they are able to do the things that they need every day. There is a way that we can help ensure that they live well, and that is to help provide caregivers for seniors that we know. This isn’t moving them out of the home that they love and know, but rather having someone come a few times a week to help with different things. Whether it’s in Philadelphia, Concord, Bethel Park, Pittsburgh, Wexford, or the surrounding areas, Independence Care has caregivers ready to assist the senior loved ones in your life.

What Kinds of Services Are Offered?

Caregivers for Seniors in Bethel Park, Concord, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Wexford, PAYou may be surprised by the different services that Independence Care professionals can offer. Our caregivers for seniors can help with dementia care, physical frailties, chronic disease care, post-hospital care, post-rehabilitation care, and much more. Each of these presents its own unique requirements based on the patient, but that’s part of the mission of Independence Care: to empower lives by providing exceptional and compassionate care, enhancing independence and quality of life.

Often the kind of personalized care that caregivers for seniors do fall into what is referred to as personal care. Such activities as transfers and positioning, bathing and showering, skin care, feeding, dressing, and many other activities fall into this area. Some of these activities might be more of a challenge for seniors for a wide variety of reasons, and having some assistance with these different activities helps to enhance their lives and can also provide the opportunity to catch issues before they become even worse or lead to bad outcomes.

While the above options are what is usually thought of, caregivers for seniors can also perform other activities that are just as important. These typically are collectively referred to as companion care, and including such things as medication reminders, family respite care, meal preparation, shopping and errands, transportation, and many others. All of these match up with the mission of Independence Care and provide peace of mind to the family and friends of these loved ones.

Independence Care has more than 15 years of experience in providing caregivers for seniors in Philadelphia, Concord, Bethel Park, Pittsburgh, Wexford, and the surrounding areas. These different services can happen at the person’s home, where they are comfortable, or it could also happen in senior residence communities. They have a large pool of skilled and talented professionals, and they pride themselves on working out specific solutions for each of their clients’ needs.


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